What do we do?

ABOUT Terra2 Solutions

Everything has changed.

The last 30 years have changed more rapidly then any other moment in human history. It’s almost like we have arrived in a new planet. Everything seems to be the same, but nothing is. In every aspect of our lives — work, family, love politics —, overnight, what used to work, does not any longer. We call this new planet Terra2.

Now, we must ask ourselves: how can people and organizations live in this multiple, horizontal, creative, de-standardized world? That’s what we’ll create together.

Terra2 Solutions is an innovation hub. We diagnose in which stage each person, sector, market or organization is in the passage from the era we call Terra1 to Terra2. We generate and coordinate the best content and competencies necessary to creatively and responsibly inhabit Terra2. We associate ourselves with all those who want to invent the future.

We dedicate ourselves to inhabiting Terra2.

We promote a
paradigm shift!

We analyze trends

We identify opportunities for innovation

We promote the innovation process

We feed the Human Zeitgeist