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Medicine on Terra2, three notes.

Will doctors cease to exist? Hospitals and their managers. A medicine for each of us. Read the text and find out.

By Jorge Forbes
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  1. Will doctors disappear? 
    No, on the contrary. In Terra2 they will reinforce the ethical principles on which medicine was founded. Machines, technology and artificial intelligence will follow protocols more efficiently; they already are and will be even more precise in their movements; and they will have more powerful memory. But machines do not think about themselves, they do not doubt, they do not have ethical questions. The medical doctor needs to reinvent himself urgently and his perspective role in Terra2 is enormous
    . It’s deceiving to think, based on the "cases" of companies such as Uber and Airbnb, that specialists will disappear and that all opinions, now, are equivalent. The horizontality of human relations in Terra2, different from the previous verticalization, does not mean that everyone is now the same, but exactly the opposite, it means that everyone is different and we must know how to manage differences — by no means a simple task. 
  1. A medicine for each of us. 
    After the massification of treatment protocols and of standardized procedures, we have walked great lengths towards the finding the uniqueness of each treatment. Uniqueness, not particularization. What is “unique” is incomparable, while the "particular" is part of a whole. Each person, through the studies of genetics, will have his or her own medicine. Are health workers and their managers prepared to deal with this unavoidable reality? Or do they insist on the verticalization and generalization of processes, typical of TERRA1?

  1. Hospital management: Responsibility Principle
    The enormous issues we face today can not be solved by reversing the hierarchy: if doctors used to rule hospitals, today they would have to fall in line according to administrative principles. Careless mistake. To change a post does not mean to change your position. On the contrary, it is, in fact, to remain the same - and we must change paradigms to survive in TERRA2. Managers and doctors must find themselves again in the Responsibility Principle of this new time. The "cost-benefit" principle is paltry in dealing with the health revolution. The foundation over which all health workers must engage, regardless of position, is ethical. In a world in which from birth to death, nothing is as it was before, new ethical questions cry out for answers and stances. To look at just two examples of the bookends of life, let us look at how many ethical issues are at play in embryo manipulation - using embryonic stem cells, freezing eggs, donating eggs,      sperm, embryos, embryo selection, etc. . - and in the menu that death has become: euthanasia, dysthanasia, orthatanasia, assisted suicide, etc.

    Jorge Forbes